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What We Do

We are a London based production studio focused on creating affordable high-end digital film and video content.


We specialize in branding content, promos, behind the scenes and music videos.

We offer a fully integrated solution including pre-production, filming, editing, color grading and post-production.

Case Studies

1-The Promotional Documentary

Joyce Young Collections

Early 2018 Swoosh Films was approached by well established Scottish fashion designer Joyce young who wanted to promote the bridal side of her business.

We came up with a treatment for a short documentary format that emphasized the creative process from the designer as well as the work that goes behind the scenes into making each of these gowns come to life.



We spend short periods of time spread over 2 weeks filming various aspects of the work of the crew and the designer in the workshop.


The 5 minutes long film is divided into 5 segments, each one self-sustainable as a stand alone piece, and being all shorter than a minute, ideally suited for IG posts.


The format has proven to be very effective at engaging the brand’s audience with a message that demonstrates rather than pretends.

2-The Instagram Teasers

Vendula London SS19

Vendula London is an emerging London brand that specializes in quirky vintage fashion accessories, handbags, purses and jewelry.​

On top of creating a one minute “Behind The Scenes” montage of the Vendula London SS19 photo shoot, Swoosh Films also created 5 separate original promotional short pieces that were posted on the Vendula London Instagram feed and Facebook page.

Each teaser was shot at the same time as the Behind The Scenes and each piece conveys its own atmosphere and mood.

All films were color-graded on our Da-Vinci Resolve 4k grading station.

Vendula London SS19 Teaser Reel
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