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About Swoosh Films.

Branding Video Content


The Process

All our projects go through the same 3 stages process, conceptualisation, production and editing/finishing.


Stage 1 - Conceptualisation/pre-production

Although it sounds like a big word, this is a crucial stage where we meet our client, defining his needs/goals/targets/audience/diffusion platform, as well as budget constraints.

We then come up with a treatment and mood board that will be the foundation on which we develop the visual language of the film.

Example of treatments

Storyboarding can be used at his stage to visualize complex shots/sequences.

We also sort out talents, locations and crew, and eventually release a shot list which will be our reference document during filming.


Stage 2 - production

We have a crew, location, talents, let’s get shooting!


Stage 3 - Post Production

Editing is where all the magic happens.

We usually operate on a 3 rounds process, presenting a first rough edit and subsequently going through 2 rounds of editing revisions.

Once we have a signed-off edit, we can start color grading which is where the fun starts. This is where we create that high-end look and define a mood, and also address the potential finishing/retouching issues as well as motion graphics.

We usually do our own sound mastering but we can also work with audio-post studios should you need it.


Our Tools

When we created the studio we elected to invest in the new breed of 4k video DSLR cameras and be able to offer multi-cameras setup as opposed to operate a single traditional camera that would need to be rigged and unrigged all day.

Being light and nimble as well as keeping costs down without ever compromising on image quality have always be on top of our list.


We shoot all our footage with Atomos external recorders in Vlog 10 bits Pro-res which lifts image quality to a level close to Raw at a fraction of the cost and resources.


At Swoosh we have also developed a healthy obsession with lenses, which are a key element as a differentiator in the visual language of your film.

We have sets of vintage Nikkors, Voigtlanders, native Panasonic and are currently experimenting with anamorphic and vintage russian Helios.


We have also all the support tools, multiple gimbals, motorized sliders, lighting, to cover most shoot situations.

Below is a breakdown of our equipment range, including but not limited to:


2 x Panasonic GH5

1 x Panasonic GH5S


Nikkor AI-S 50mm/1.2, 85mm/1.4, 180mm/2.8, 200mm/f4macro

Voigtlander 10.5/0.95, 17.5/0.95

Panasonic 12-35/2.8

SLR Magic 35mm 2x anamorphic

Tilta Nucleus M Wireless Follow Focus


Atomos Ninja Inferno

Atomos Ninja V


Gimbal #1 DJI Ronin M

Gimbal #2 Zhiyun Crane

Rhino Slider motorized with motorized head

Easy Rig support vest

Ready Rig support vest

Aputure 300d/120d LED lights with a range of light modifiers, operable on batteries.

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